Tuesday 9 October 2012

Shimla Under Hail Storm

Well on a beautiful Monday morning when all was calm and serene suddenly around three am the weather decided to play havoc. The winds changed and suddenly the sky turned black with streaks of blue in between and of course the sun shining amidst them. And behold! What do we have? A sudden spurt of hail falling fast and furiously. As if the Gods were angry with someone or with something. And hey Shimla was all white in a matter of minutes with small marbles of hail. 


More than enough for my kid to enjoy it like any other winter snowfall ready to hit outdoors to collect those white marbles. Hard to miss the excitement of your kids and of course you love to join in.

Here are few glimpses of that day. 

Well this also means that this is the beginning of the winters. Those the days are sunny but don't miss the chilly morning and cold evenings. Sweaters are already out and soon jackets too will see the day of light from your packed closets.

So enjoy and all those looking for some snow, well we still have two more months to go but till then have fun!!!

1 comment:

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